Company Policies


Health & Safety Policy Statement.

This statement should be read in conjunction with the Health & Safety policies that set out specific responsibilities and arrangements by which Health & Safety is to be organised, implemented and monitored within the company.


1. Atlantic Cleaning Services is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and non-employees affected by our activities. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure safe systems of work throughout our business activities, and will do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure a safe & healthy working environment and safe working methods.


2. Atlantic Cleaning Services considers that health & safety an important part of all our management systems and that clear communication and co-operation between management, employees and the client is important in order to achieve a high standard of health & safety at work.


3. General policymaking is the responsibility of the Directors, the major objective being to promote correct standards of health, safety and welfare that comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other statutory provisions and codes of practice.


4. The company will:

a) Initiate and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure that employees, customers, visitors and the environment are not exposed to risks arising from our cleaning activities.

b) Ensure that employees have adequate support, supervision, relevant health & safety documentation, information and training required, in order to make them aware of potential hazards within the workplace.

c) Ensure that no person intentionally or recklessly interferes with or misuses anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.

d) Communicate with the employees on matters affecting their health & safety and the importance of reporting or eliminating hazards by encouraging them to bring to the attention of management any proposals for the improvement of health & safety standards; thereby allowing them to fulfil their duties safely without risk to themselves or others.


5. Health & Safety Policy Statement Continued…

e) Make available all necessary safety devices and personal protective equipment (PPE).

f) Ensure records are maintained with regard to safe systems of work, risk assessments, employee training, work equipment inspections, and that these are readily available for inspection by others when required.

g) Ensure that continual attention is paid to the provision of health & safety information, supervision and training for all employees.

h) Ensure that suppliers and service partners are aware of their responsibilities and are conversant with health & safety procedures and their implementation.

i) Ensure that the Health and Safety Regulations as dictated by our customers are fully complied with.

Atlantic Cleaning Services believe in improving health & safety standards through constant monitoring and reviewing of its health & safety policies and procedures. A safe and healthy workplace can only be achieved if employees accept responsibility for their own health & safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their work activities. We should all work together in order to raise awareness of health & safety in the workplace and ensure that health & safety procedures and policies are adhered to.

Lee Robinson
Managing Director


6. Employment Training Programmes.

All Atlantic Cleaning Services cleaning staff are trained in the relevant aspects of cleaning duties required of them. This comes in four stages:
Induction Training – A full COSHH/Health and Safety talk explaining the potential hazards of cleaning equipment and materials and an explanation of how these hazards can be found within every day procedures. In addition, we undertake a demonstration of personal protective clothing.

All Atlantic Cleaning Services cleaning equipment is colour coded and employees are trained accordingly. Basic electrical equipment, (vacuum cleaners) is made familiar to cleaners with explanations of basic safety awareness and maintenance.

Finally we go through the key issues which may arise in a cleaning environment which will help a cleaner to understand the procedures in the event of abnormal occurrences.
On Site Training – This occurs in all Atlantic Cleaning Services cleaning contracts.

This work is heavily supervised and acts to ensure that a member of staff learns the Atlantic Cleaning Services Limited method of work. This is a system where work is checked once it is carried out to ensure all aspects of the cleaning specification are undertaken. It also helps us to distinguish the members of staff who are prepared to take a pride in the Company and their work.

Only members of staff who understand and act upon what is expected of them continue with us.
Specific Site Training – This will include all aspects of a specific site. We recognise that every site is different and requires areas of particular attention.

The member of staff is also trained with regard to the health and safety implications of a specific site as well as the security procedures of that particular site.
Ongoing Training – This keeps employees up to date with any changes in materials or cleaning techniques used.

All relevant changes will be introduced throughout the Company and Managers and Site Supervisors then carry out training.


7. Equal Opportunities Policy Statement.

At Atlantic Cleaning Services Limited we treat everyone equally and foster a culture free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. As such, we value diversity among our staff, customers, suppliers and community and we respect the individual contributions of all people.

We want a workforce that reflects the diverse community at large and expect all employees and associates to treat each other with dignity and respect.
We do not tolerate unfair decisions or practises that excludes or discriminates against a colleague on the grounds of:

 Gender

 Age

 Race

 Sexuality

 Skin colour

 Marital status

 Family responsibility

 Ethnic origin

 Religion

 Social class

 Medical conditions or disability

 Pregnancy/maternity

 Unrelated criminal convictions

We base all decisions related to recruitment, disciplinary action, dismissal or promotion solely on work criteria and individual performance.

Lee Robinson
Managing Director


8. Environmental Policy Statement.

The Directors of Atlantic Cleaning Services are committed to providing control of activities to avoid unnecessary or unacceptable risks to employees, customers, the general public and the environment by careful planning and assessment of all aspects and by determining controls with monitoring capabilities to ensure effectiveness; the concepts of Best Practicable Environment Option shall apply together with the duty of care by establishment and maintenance of high operational standards. Such standards shall comply with or exceed regulatory control i.e. environmental Protection Act 1990, Water Resources Act 1991, etc. and/or relevant Approved Codes of Practice.
Operational standards shall continue to be developed and improved where feasible by on-going assessment, controls and monitoring concerning emissions of noxious fumes etc. into the atmosphere and the leaking of dangerous substances into watercourses that might adversely affect people and/or the environment.

The objectives of the Policy shall be to develop safety and environmental awareness amongst employees at all levels by full and effective consultation and provision of all relevant training, information and supervision to maintain a safe and healthy working environment that shall not adversely affect the community and by taking positive steps to conserve energy resources and minimize waste and pollution.
This Statement together with associated documentation relating to organization and arrangements shall be disseminated to all staff and form a constituent part of the Statement of General Safety Policy.

The Environmental Policy shall be subjected to constant monitoring and periodic review that may result in the issue of revisions or amendments as appropriate.
Atlantic Cleaning Services recognizes the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibility and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to the supply of quality cleaning services to buildings.

It is the organisation’s declared policy to operate with and to maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies.
Lee Robinson
Managing Director


9. Recycling Policy.

We go to great lengths to ensure our activities are environmentally sustainable. Working with and to our clients guidelines we follow procedures to adhere to the following;

 Reduction of environmentally harmful chemicals.

 Energy and water conservation.

 Increased recycling and waste minimisation.

 Emission reduction from vehicle use.

 Sustainability improvements included in job descriptions and staff objectives.

 Increased provision of Fairtrade goods.

 Commitment to working with the Environment Forum.

 Aiming for continual improvement on carbon emissions, recycling, water consumption, waste production, business mileage and use of sustainable products.

All incidents, such as the spillage of chemicals, improper disposal of waste chemicals or other unnecessary emissions to water and the atmosphere must be prevented and reported to line management if they occur.

 Where special collection facilities are available, waste shall be segregated to allow for separate processing of recyclable waste.
Atlantic Cleaning Services will work alongside your organisation to ensure all staff are re-trained and ensure your recycling policy is correctly followed.


10. Safeguard Policy Statement.

This document is the Safeguarding Children, Young and Vulnerable Adults Policy for Atlantic Cleaning Services Ltd, which will be followed by all management and employees, and promoted by senior management within the company.

Atlantic Cleaning Services Ltd has introduced a Safeguarding Policy to fulfil our commitment to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young and vulnerable adults in the workplace.

Employees of Atlantic Cleaning Services Ltd may come into contact with children, young or vulnerable adults in the course of our work with schools, universities, councils, and housing associations whilst performing general cleaning, window cleaning and building cleaning services.

We do not work directly with children or young or vulnerable adults in the course of our normal day to day cleaning activities except in the case of daytime school cleaning.

We at Atlantic Cleaning Services Ltd know that being a child, or young or vulnerable adult, may make them vulnerable to abuse by adults.

The purpose of this policy is to make sure that the actions of any adult in our employ, whilst performing the works for which they are employed by us, are transparent and safeguard the children and young and vulnerable adults that they may come into contact with.

Lee Robinson
Managing Director


11. Infection Control and COSHH.

 Atlantic Cleaning Services Limited has worked hard to reduce both its impact on the environment and to ensure the safety of its staff.

 Atlantic Cleaning Services uses the Clover IT range of chemicals. These chemicals are colour coded, environmentally sound, and have been tested in the field to ensure the highest of standards without the use of harmful scourers.

 The Multipurpose cleaning solution benefits from being a disinfectant and degreaser. Ensuring prevention where possible of germs and bacteria.

 Training
All Cleaning Operatives are given comprehensive training on the following;
COSHH, Colour Coding, Transference of body fluids, Hand Washing and Accident Reporting.

 Implementing
All Cleaning Operatives are instructed to implement all training and follow procedures documented in the Site Manual.

 Monitoring
The Area Supervisor / Manager will conduct regular site audits and monitoring with the use of Clean Link.


12. Colour Coding & Micro Fibre.

Cross contamination is a real danger in cleaning operations.

The danger lies in bacteria and germs being transferred via cleaning cloths and other materials between washroom areas, kitchens and offices.

Unless proactive measures are taken this cross contamination leads to Health & Safety being compromised in all areas of the work place.
In order to prevent this cross contamination Atlantic Cleaning Services Limited implements a strict colour coding of cleaning equipment and materials.

This includes cloths, mops and buckets which are colour coded as follows:

• Offices, Receptions, Common Areas – Blue

• Kitchens – Green

• Toilets and bathrooms – Red

• Laboratories – White

Managers, Supervisors and Cleaning Operatives are fully conversant with this policy and are trained to use materials accordingly.

To reduce our chemical usage, we only uses Microfibre cloths and Mops.

The use of these synthetic materials eliminates the ‘cleaning cupboard smell’ that is usually found with cotton products.


13. Cleaning Cupboard.

Colour Coding Essentials
Cross Contamination and Infection Control are fast becoming an essential part of a cleaning contract.

We at Atlantic cleaning Services Ltd not only look at consistent high standards throughout the site but also in the organisation and maintenance of cleaning materials and machinery within the cleaning cupboard.

We have gone one step further in Colour Coding, storing all mops and cloths on their relevant coloured hooks and clips.

This ensures that the cloths and mops do not contaminate each other adhering to our Health and Safety policy.


14. Cleaning Cupboard Documents.

Our A3 Sheet gives the cleaning staff all the required site details including:

 Fire Evacuation

 Colour coding

 Site working regulations

 Emergency contact details

General information including all relevant telephone number.


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